Zidane Hamid (The Little Professor)


Who is Zidane Hamid

Born on Jan 3, 2010, and popularly known as “The Little Professor”, Zidane became an internet sensation at age 3 in 2013 when his video of telling 196 capitals of world became viral on social media. He has diverse knowledge of Science and Arts and started delivering lectures just at age 4. 
He has earned different titles such as The Little Professor, Super Genius, Miracle Baby, Chemistry Cockroach, Chemistry professor and Little Einstein.


Projects of Zidane

Tobacco Free Pakistan

A campaign to spread awareness about tobacco harms

The little professors

An online Courses platform for kids

Alerting Planet Earth

Book written by Zidane as Youngest Author Published by Oxford

If I ever get a chance then I will design and implement policy of

Knowledge for every mind & food for every stomach

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