Lest death swallow millions across the world

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Lest death swallow millions across the world That’s truly a matter of perception verses reality. The difference between coolness and health hazards, reducing anxiety and addictiveness must be understood. Once I had a talk with an elderly man who was smoking a cigarette whose face and hands were yellowish. I asked him why is he… Read more »


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Botanical Sciences Division, Pakistan Museum of Natural History is purely engaged in collection, identification, preservation and education of lower and higher plants of Pakistan. Mushrooms occupy a fundamental position among the lower organisms on earth. In the past decades, mushrooms were ignored to grow in different areas of Pakistan. But, at nearby it is frequently grown… Read more »

Positive face of Pakistan Awards 2 April 2017 National Youth Assembly

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As from National Youth assembly page We are honored to present “Positive Face of Pakistan Award” to high achievers of Pakistan in recognition of their valuable services for promotion of positive image of Pakistan on the occasion of National oath taking ceremony of the NYA. Awardees for 2017 are: 1. National Security Advisor of Pakistan,… Read more »

International Day for Biodiversity 22 May 2017

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The United Nations has proclaimed May 22 The International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) to increase understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues , The theme for 2017 was Biodiversity and Sustainable Tourism . I was invited by Pakistan Museum of Natural history to give a talk on topic. I presented my point of view regarding… Read more »

World Wild Life day 3 MARCH 2015

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It was an honor to present keynote on behalf of Pakistan Museum of Natural history when I was just 5 years and two months old. Pakistan Museum of Natural History in collaboration with US Embassy, Snow Leopard Foundation and Key Foundation, has arranged different activities to celebrate the World Wildlife Day to raise awareness among… Read more »