Who is Zidane Hamid

Home-schooled child prodigy who stunned the world with his knwoledge

Popularly known as The Little Professor

Zidane Hamid (Urdu: زیدان حامد‎‎ | Born: Jan 3, 2010) is a home-schooled child prodigy having multiple world records.

A genius by birth, became an internet sensation with his first video on social media at age 3, telling names of 196 capitals of world. His knowledge at such a tender age amazed everybody as he started delivering lectures since he was 3 and half. Just at age 4 he delivered lectures on most difficult topics of Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Math, IT, Sports, Religion, Arts and poet

Because of his knowledge and grip at such a young age he was named as The Little Professor, Chemistry Cockroach, The Drone of Chemistry, Super Baby, Miracle Baby, Source of inspiration, Future Scientist, Little Einstein, The Google Kid, The Youngest Scholar, Iqbal e Sani, Youngest Speaker and Youngest Professor.

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  • Lectures on science topics at age 3 & 4
  • Youngest Microsoft Office Specialist at age 5
  • 2 Year Diploma In Arabic And Islamic Studies ( DAIS ) from Cambridge College at age 7
  • Certificate, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma in the Arabic Language from International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) at age 8
  • In Chemistry Fastest arrangement of Periodic Table (Guinness World Record) at age 9
  • Youngest Sports Commentator (Guinness World Record) at age 9
  • Youngest non-native IELTS test taker at age 11 ( Bands 7 )
  • TEFL ( World TESOL Academy )
  • TV Shows on Geo News, Geo Tez, PTV & PTV Sports
  • Sports Commentator/Host at VOK FM 105.8
  • Represented Pakistan National Chess Team U13 in International Chess tournaments
  • Youngest Oxford Author & Climate Activist