Zidane Hamid (Born: Jan 3, 2010) is a home-schooled child prodigy having multiple world records. A genius by birth, became an internet sensation with his first video on social media at age 3, telling names of 196 capitals of world. His knowledge at such a tender age amazed everybody as he started delivering lectures since he was 3 and half.

At such a teeny-weeny age he demonstrated solar system with details and stats related to planets, explained elements of periodic tables with their atomic numbers and properties, botanical names of plants, Chemistry of Ionic Bond, Photosynthesis Mechanism, concept of monotheism and alcohol effects (diseases) on human body in the light of Pathology. Just at age 4 he touched the most difficult concepts of Chemistry such as Chemistry of Bonding, Covalent Bond, Polar Covalent Bond, Dative Covalent Bond, Rutherford Atomic Model, Isotopes and all the elements of periodic table. It left people amazed and it was very hard to believe but he delivered lectures on other science topics as well such as Biology, Physics, and Astronomy, IT, History, Poetry, Environment, Sports, Religion, arts and Astrology.

Because of his knowledge and grip at such a young age he was named as The Little Professor, Chemistry Cockroach, The Drone of Chemistry, Super Baby, Miracle Baby, Source of inspiration, Future Scientist, Little Einstein, The Google Kid, The Youngest Scholar, Iqbal e Sani, Youngest Speaker and Youngest Professor.

His first appearance on media was in 2014 when ARY News designed a news package on his special talents . Later on SAMAA also covered him while he was delivering a lecture on Secrets of Bonding to students of Matric in an institute in Rawalpindi.

One of the special reasons of his fame is having a deep understanding of philosophy of Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal. He is youngest kid ever to absorb and explain Iqbal’s poetry and philosophy. Just at age 4 he explained Iqbal’s poetry and philosophy in a lecture of 25 minutes duration. This lecture became his trademark and he was entitled as “Iqbal e Sani”. This lecture became an inspiration for Pakistani kids as lot of children started delivering lectures about Allama Iqbal poetry. His special knowledge about Iqbal is also portrayed by media as well. He has been invited as Youngest Iqbaliyat expert in events.


  • Social Media Star since age 3
  • Science Lectures at age 4
  • Youngest Microsoft Office Specialist – Age 5
  • Started own Ramadan transmission at age 6 “Ramadan with Zidane”
  • Tobacco Free Pakistan Campaign at age 7
  • 2 Year Diploma In Arabic And Islamic Studies ( DAIS ) from Cambridge College at age 7 as Youngest one
  • Youngest student at International Islamic University and accomplished Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma (Arabic) at age 8
  • Guinness World Record in Chemistry “fastest arrangement of periodic table” at age 9
  • Guinness World Record as Youngest Sports Commentator at age 9
  • Youngest IELTS test taker at age 11
  • Certified English Teacher – TEFL at age 11 (World TESOL Academy)
  • Media Coverage – TV Shows on Geo News, Geo Tez, PTV & PTV Sports
  • Radio Shows – Sports Commentator/Host at VOK FM 105.8
  • Chess Player – Represented Pakistan National Chess Team U13 in International Chess tournaments
  • Youngest Author to be published by Oxford University
  • Youngest Pakistani Environmentalist and Climate Change Activist

Zidane Hamid - the little professor

Born on January 3, 2010, Zidane Hamid popularly known as “The Little Professor” is a Pakistani wonder kid who is doing wonders in multiple fields. At age 3, Zidane Hamid started delivering lectures at schools, colleges, universities and events related to different subjects. He has earned a number of titles which include: Source of Inspiration, The Little Professor, Little Einstein, Miracle Baby, The Google Kid, Iqbal-e-Sani, The Youngest Speaker and The Future Scientist.

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“If I ever get chance then my priority will be knowledge for mind & food for stomach, I hope it will bring peace in and out”.

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