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Some big, some small, all of them rare

The Big Picture

Cricket matches have always been thrilling. And matches that have hype, that have thrill. But there are some matches that are odd. That register as the oddities of cricket, where odd and rare things have happened that will normally not be seen in Cricket matches. In this post we’ll look at a few of them.

Matches that have significant landmarks

5- England vs Pakistan, Aug 30, 2016

This match was a great display by English Batsmen, scoring 444 for 3 at the end of 50 overs, thanks to Alex Hales, who scored 171 runs. Not surprisingly, Pakistan were enduring a through routing by England. But Mohammed Amir scored 58* off 28 balls. To this day, it remains as the highest score by a taliender in ODI Cricket.

4- Nepal Women vs Maldives Women, December 7, 2019

The Amazingly low score posted by Maldives Women

This match must be a huge surprise to our readers since even the weakest team in the world will have 10 batsmen, one after the another might even defend and set up a reasonable total. But in the case of Maldives Women, they managed a mere 8 runs before falling to Nepal Women. Amazingly, Maldives women lasted more than half of the innings, all ten wickets falling in 11.3 overs. For Nepal Women, it was nothing but a breeze to chase down the total, just taking them 1.1 overs to chase down the total, with the loss of not a single wicket.

3- Mali Women vs Rwanda Women, June 18, 2019

Mali Women falling for just 6 runs. To this day, it remains the lowest total by any team in the sport of Cricket.

If our readers thought that the scorecard above was rare, this is even rarer. Mali Women found themselves scoring just 6 runs in their innings. This is the lowest total in the sport of cricket. Amazingly, Mali still was still managing 9 overs before being bowled out for six. For Rwanda, it was none other than a couple of big strokes, with them chasing down the total in just 0.4 Overs, also a record.

2- Czech Republic vs Turkey, Aug 30, 2019

Turkey’s low total of 21 makes it the lowest total in the men’s sport. They also lost by a staggering margin of 257 runs.

This match played on August 30 2019 registered a mark on the name of cricket. First of all, a more than ordinary total of 278/4 got set against a meek Turkey side. And when all but losing was expected, Turkey put the icing on the cake after being bowled out for just 21 runs, making it the lowest total in the history of men’s cricket. The margin of losing, 257 runs, is also the highest margin of losing in a T20 match.

1- Malta vs Belgium, July 10 2021

not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.” That Quote sure paid off on Malta.

Malta vs Belgium was a match that was reaching a close ending already. One thing for sure is that Belgium was 74-9 but they started scoring at a quick pace, thanks to their number 10, reaching 128. That was looking enough when Malta found themselves out at 125 runs. But a disciplinary breach from the Belgium side’s captain meant that Malta got an awarded of 5 runs, which meant that Malta won the match in the strangest of fashions. But if it’s a win, it’s a win.

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