Tobacco and Heart Disease

World No Tobacco Day , 31st May 2018 ؔ| Tobacco & Heart Diseases

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said that,
“Take benefit of five before five:
Your youth before your old age,
Your health before your sickness,
Your wealth before your poverty,
Your free-time before your preoccupation,
and your life before your death.”(Hakim)
The value of anything is mostly known by humans only when it is lost. How strange, when a valuable thing is in our hands we do not take care and know the worth. To be successful in life, the health is one of the basic and important things.

Health – A great blessing

Having a good health leads to a good life. Even to be wealthier in this world, good health is necessary because only money cannot make you wealthier. To be a healthy person, it is mandatory to eat healthy, to feel healthy, think healthy and top most thing is that a person should not have any sort of addiction. There are many products in this world which give us the false sense of satisfaction and pleasure but actually they are the ditches of addiction into which we fall and fail to rescue ourselves.

31st May is the day that puts a thought in our minds that how important is our health and how to save it from destruction. Actually the day is “World No Tobacco Day” and many activities and campaigns are organized on this day to create sense in people about tobacco related awareness.

Tobacco – A deadly killer

Tobacco is among those harmful products which have not a single benefit except relaxation of short duration. When a person chews it, the brain gets bound and person feels short-time energy but actually the dozens of poisons add up in the body which silently take the person to death or even worst form of life. Brain starts to send false messages of nicotine craving and it becomes like daily food for survival.

Once an unlucky gets trap into this addiction, the escape is not as easy as trapping into it. The usage of tobacco causes many short term problems which combine to create long term health damages in a person’s body.

No Tobacco Day

No tobacco day is the appreciable idea of WHO which was first celebrated in 1987 and till now every year it is celebrated across the world to spread awareness about the risks of tobacco usage and to alarm the governments of the world to take strict steps against the humanity destroying business. Through this annual celebration, many advertisements, promotions and sponsorships are banned and much more is still to be done.

According to the research of WHO, 6 million people die every year because of tobacco related diseases. Every year there is a different theme for Anti-tobacco day and this year the theme is “Tobacco and Heart diseases”.
The theme for 2017 was Tobacco ‘a threat to development’.

Smoking Hazards

It is commonly known by the people that smoking causes breathing related problems and lung cancer but it is also a sad reality that any type of smoking, occasional or light smoking, damages the heart and blood vessels of a smoker. In US only one out of each 5 deaths from heart disease is directly related to smoking. Those people who are tobacco users are at 2 to 4 time greater risk of heart disease and the risk is even greater in women. The chief toxin, nicotine in tobacco has one of the chemicals carbon dioxide which is formed by combustion. When a person smokes it gets attached to hemoglobin more quickly than oxygen and decreases the oxygen carrying capacity of blood. The oxygen supply to the organs in the body is reduced and it leads to blood clotting in vessels.

This blood clotting is one of the contributing factor of heart attack and strokes. The burden on heart increases as it has to pump more hardly to meet the supply of oxygen in the body of a smoker.
The nicotine in smoke prompts the body to produce more adrenaline hormone as a result of which heart has to work harder and the Blood pressure of a person is raised.

When heart beat speeds up it leads to damaging of blood vessels in whole body as well as in the heart itself. At times it happens that when lining of arteries are damaged by smoking, a layer of fatty material starts building up and narrows the arteries. When this plaque continues to build up it can lead to chest pain, heart attack, heart failure and even death of a person.

Alarm for Non-Smokers

Not only smokers get the risk of heart attack, non-smokers who are exposed to second hand smoking can also be the victims of heart diseases. Second hand smoke has same amount of chemicals that are smoked by the smoker and it also damages the blood vessels and heart leading the, top cardiovascular diseases. Second hand smoking causes health problems in children and young people by leading them to low cholesterol, increased blood pressure and damaging blood vessels. The risk of danger is greater for those children who are born premature and have Respiratory distress Syndrome (RDS).

Second Hand Smoking

Each year 22,000 to 69,000 premature deaths are caused by heart and blood vessel diseases as a consequence of second hand smoke (SHS). Other forms of tobacco such as cigar and pipe also have same chemicals as in cigarettes and they also cause heart diseases in a person.
Our lives are more important than everything and should be prioritized and I must say that our lives are in our hands, if we take care we will get the good reward in the form of health.

Theme of the year

No tobacco day is celebrated on 31st May, but every day should be no tobacco day. Tobacco should never be allowed to destroy the health of a person. Theme of this year is very important as the heart is central part of our body. If it is correctly working, the whole body parts will too. Smokers among us should realize this reality that they are damaging their heart and others with each puff they take. Kicking this bad habit will take them away from lung cancer, heart diseases and other tobacco related diseases.

Life is precious

Nobody’s life is meaningless and nobody should lose his/her life for harmful things like tobacco. Though this habit will take time to quit but the journey always begin with the first step. Those who never take step they never start the journey. Let’s join hands with to make our country tobacco free. Let’s join hands and say and practice, “no tobacco” and “Tobacco free Pakistan”.

My Dream

It’s my dream to see the people of Pakistan denying the tobacco products and leading themselves to the healthy life style. Get ready Pakistan, In shaa Allah Tobacco Free Pakistan campaign is spreading day by day and will echo across the globe.  I feel if even a single person quits smoking, one more step towards success is covered.

I have been lucky regarding this , many people have quit tobacco  and I am working on daily basis. My campaign has taken so many successful steps regarding this.

I am blessed !

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