Two Days Mushroom Hunting Event

Two Day Mushrooms Hunting, Cultivation and Cooking Workshop organized by Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMN).

Botanical Sciences Division, Pakistan Museum of Natural History is purely engaged in the collection, identification, preservation, and education of lower and higher plants of Pakistan. Mushrooms occupy a fundamental position among the lower organisms on earth. In the past decades, mushrooms were ignored to grow in different areas of Pakistan. But, at nearby it is frequently grown in many areas of Pakistan, having natural high humidity and low temperature. These areas are suitable for growing white button, Oyster, highly medicinal Genodrma and Morchella mushrooms. Mushroom cultivation can be profitable as cottage industry in many parts of the country. The mushroom after harvest can be marketed as flesh, canned, dried or made into powder or as a soup. Drying and canning of mushroom is essential for market from one city to another or for export purpose. Profitable mushroom cultivation on large scale requires close attention, experience and skill. If it is developed as a cottage industry in villages and on business lines near towns and cities, the delicacy of this vegetable can become a common diet item in near future to provide cheap
source of proteins, vitamins and other nutrients.

Keeping in mind, the importance of mushrooms and the mandate of the organization, a two days workshop on Mushrooms: Hunting, Cultivation and Cooking at PMNH is planned.

Schedule of the workshop:

10-04- 2016: Mushrooms hunting specially Morchella (Gucchhi) from Ghora Gali
11-04- 2016: Practical workshop on mushrooms cultivation and cooking competition at PMNH

Collaborations for workshop:
 Pakistan Museum of Natural History/Pakistan Science Foundation
 Agri. Tourism Development of Pakistan
 Agri. Education Pakistan
 The Weekly Veterinary News and Views will coordinate in print and media.

Important things:
 Participants will be awarded “Participation Certificate”
 Travelling from Islamabad or other city to Ghorra Galli (Motel PTCD/Punjab Forest School) on self bases.
 Bring lunch or other food items from your home.
 The organization will serve you mushroom food on the payment of Rs: 500/-
 Bring your own some necessary equipment/boxes/khurpi/Knife/camera/ hand gloves etc. for fieldwork.

Schedule for Mushrooms: Hunting, Cultivation and Cooking Workshop at PMNH

Date Activity Time
10-04- 2016 How to Mushrooms Hunting especially
Morchella (Ghucchhi) from the Ghorra Galli area.
Resource persons from PMNH, Agri Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan, and Agri Education Pakistan will guide participants

Full day activity

11-04- 2016 Mushroom cultivation practical session

Mushroom Experts:
Dr. Akhlaque Khan Kakar (Agri Tourism
Development of Pakistan)
Tariq Tanveer (Agri Tourism Development
of Pakistan)
Prof. Shaikh Iqbal (Hazara University
Dr. Kishwer Sultana (Retired Curator PMNH)
Dr. Muhammad Ismail (Pakistan Museum of
Natural History)
Dr. Khalid Mahmood Shouq (The Weekly
Veterinary News and Views)

09.00 am to 01.00 pm

Mushroom cooking competition (parallel

10.00 am to 01.00 pm

Closing session
 Recitation from Holy Quran
 Introduction of event
 Participants view about the workshop
 Comments of Chief Guest Prof Dr.
Muhammad Asharaf (SI), Chairman
 Certificate distribution
 Lunch with Mushrooms

01.00 pm to 01.05 pm
01.05 pm to 01.10 pm
01.10 pm to 01.20 pm
01.20 pm to 01.30 pm

01.30 pm to 01.45 pm

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