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Zidane Hamid Guinness World Record – Full Video


Islamabad: (28th May, 2019) Pakistan’s child prodigy Zidane Hamid has once again made headlines by making a world record. Zidane Hamid got himself into Guinness Book of World Record by making chemistry’s periodic table in a short time. Zidane has made this record at a young age of 9. He arranged all the elements of periodic table in a short time of 5 minutes and 41 seconds. Earlier, this record was made by Professor Vilas Pol of America’s Prude University who attempted to set the base world record for fastest time to assemble a periodic table. After two botched attempts because of mistakes in the table, Pol had achieved the record on the third try in 8 minutes and 36.25 seconds.

However, this record has now been broken by Zidane who is the new world genius. Not only did he break the world record, who broke his own record too by assembling the periodic table almost 1 minute prior to his earlier record at Pakistan Science Foundation. Zidane’s father also attended the Guinness World Record Ceremony. He was only proud of his son for yet another achievement.

Zidane Hamid is a Pakistani genius born on January 3, 2010. He is a child prodigy and at the mere age of 3.5, he started delivering lectures at schools, colleges, universities and events related to different subjects. This young champ is doing wonders in the fields of art, science, literature, technology, geography, sports and what not. Zidane Hamid is the pride of our nation. He has earned a number of titles, including Source of Inspiration, The Little Professor, Miracle Baby, The Chemistry Cockroach, The Youngest Speaker and Future Scientist. Now he is a world genius too by making a new Guinness Record.