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Zidane Hamid Biography


Zidane Hamid Biography

زیدان حامد کو2014 میں چار سال کی عمر میں کیمسٹری کے گہرے موضوعات پہ لیکچر دینے کی وجہ سے لٹل پروفیسر کے نام سے جانا جانے لگا۔ والدین کی راہنمائی کے لیے زیدان حامد کی زندگی کے آٹھ سالوں کو 7 منٹس کی بائیوگرافی ویڈیو میں قید کرنے کی کوشش کی گئی ہے۔ ان شاء اللہ زندگی کا نیا سال بھی ملک و قوم کے لئے انٹرنیشنل ریکارڈز کی نوید سُنا رہا ہے۔ الحمد للہ رب العالمین۔۔۔

Here is a detailed description video about Who is #Zidane Hamid. Zidane Hamid age. Zidane Hamid #biography online. Zidane Hamid family. Zidane Hamid videos. Zidane Hamid lectures. Zidane Hamid birth date. Zidane Hamid little professor books. and much more. Zidane Hamid a genius born in Rawalpindi on January, 3, 2010, is studying arts, science, literature, computer technology, geography, sports and other subjects at home.

At the mere age of three-and-a-half he started recording his video lectures and delivering lectures at schools, colleges, universities and events related to different subjects. This super genius, multi-talented young hero is a real pride of the nation who has accumulated many sobriquets at such a tender age such as, a source of inspiration, the little professor, miracle baby, the chemistry cockroach, the youngest speaker and future scientist.

He has to his distinction of being the youngest person to earn Microsoft Office Specialist 2010 certification in 2015 at age five. Zidane is a child prodigy and doing home education as traditional educational system is not compatible with his inborn geniuses. “We prefer to provide him home education, due to his exceptional and extraordinary curiosity for knowing things at very young age”, Dr Hamid, the father of little Zidane says.

By the age of three he had already absorbed books on poetry, history, science, biology, chemistry, maths and physics. Three room small rental home was a laboratory, a library, a school, a university and a play land for him.

He dedicates all his success to his parents after Allah. It is his curiosity that leads him to think out of the box and he is genuinely focused on his academics and is interested in executing every part of knowledge he gets through studies. \

Zidane also has sound knowledge about religion and is passionate about learning the Holy Quran and other religions. He is learning classical arabic, he recently passed a Diploma examination in Arabic and Islamic Studies. He has learned two chapters (Paras) of the Holy Quran by heart and is currently studying Ibn e Muqqaffa’s book’ the most credible book on arabic grammar (Srf-o-Nahve). Apart from academics, he loves playing cricket, football, volleyball and boxing. He likes reading and also enthusiastic about travelling and photography.

Zidane is a passionate learner and is always eager to discover and unwrap the logic behind everything he gets to know. He is a multilingual and can speak in English, Urdu, Hindko, to a some extent Arabic, Persian, Spanish and Japanese. The young hero wants to be a peacemaker and productive Muslim. He believes the sole purpose of creation is to bring a positive change around and this is what he aims to be.

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