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Universal Children’s Day November 20, 2018

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Like other parts of the world, Universal Children’s Day was celebrated in Pakistan on November 20, 2018. Around the country various organizations and departments organized activities to mark the day.

This year the theme of day by UN was “Children are taking over and turning the world blue”.It was a good sunny day in capital city and I was invited in a walk regarding the Children’s Day which was organized by “Tiflee Education”. It started from super market F-6 and ended at National Press club. Children from different schools were there to participate and aware the world about their rights. There are 57 million uneducated children in this world and unfortunately, 22.6 million out of them are Pakistani children. The more sad news is that according to the figures of International Labor Organization (ILO), around 1.2 million children in Pakistan are suffering from child labor. A lot of children work at homes, factories, workshops, coal mines and even brick mines. These children are engaging in many dangerous fields for work.

I demand from the government of Pakistan on the behalf of all the children that there should be adequate laws and their effective implementation so that children could get all their basic rights like right of life, health, protection, education, respect, food and right of enjoying their childhood.

The walk session was very motivating and appreciable. I want to thank the organizing body who arranged this awareness session and invited me as a Chief Guest to lead the walk.

و ما توفیقی الا باللہ۔۔علیہ توکلت و الیہ انیب 

“And my success is only because of Allah SWT. on Him I relied and to Him I obey”

Surah Hud 11:88

Following are some photographs of the Walk session.


Zidane Hamid

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