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Universal Children’s Day lead by little professor Zidane Hamid – Express News


Universal Children’s Day report by Express News . Little professor Zidane Hamid lead the walk.
There are 57 million uneducated children in this world and unfortunately, 22.6 million out of them are Pakistani children. The more sad news is that according to the figures of International Labor Organization (ILO), around 1.2 million children in Pakistan are suffering from child labor. A lot of children work at homes, factories, workshops, coal mines and even brick mines. These children are engaging in many dangerous fields for work.
Main problem faced by children in Pakistan is poverty. About 24 per cent of the country is below poverty line, residing mostly in rural areas. The first victims of poverty are children, who witnessed complete deprivation of their rights, including lack of education and poor access to health services etc.
One child in six died before the age of five. The nutritional status of children is very poor as 35% of them were underweight, more than 50% suffered from stunted growth and around 9% from emaciation.
Every day, around 1,100 Pakistani children under five years of age died of diarrhea and illnesses related to water, sanitation, and hygiene.
Healthcare facilities are a challenge in rural areas where many families could not afford even basic medical treatment facilities. Furthermore, recurring natural disasters had a strong impact on the health of people as well as infrastructures across the country.
Around 11 million children performing domestic tasks and working in agriculture sector, while others work in textile industry (specifically making carpets), construction, or even automotive industry. “Children in carpet factories have to work up to 20 hours a day, seven days a week. They are forced to sleep, eat and work at the same place. This puts a considerable strain on their health as they work in very cramped conditions and in places detrimental to their health.
The government of Pakistan should work on adequate laws and their effective implementation so that children could get all their basic rights like right of life, health, protection, education, respect, food and right of enjoying their childhood.

This year the theme of day by UN was “Children are taking over and turning the world blue”.
Universal Children’s Day was celebrated in Islamabad Pakistan on November 20, 2018.Zidane Hamid – Little Professor lead the walk organized by Tiflee Education from super market F-6 to National Press club. Children from different schools were there to participate and aware the world about their rights. The walk session was motivating.