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Ramadan with Zidane 2021 | Promo


Ramadan with Zidane 2021 | Promo

Welcome to the month of blessings and bounties of Allah SWT. We all are luckily that we are once again in the month of Ramadan 2021, Alhamdulilah. Zidane Hamid has started his own  transmission when he was just 6 in 2016. Since 2016, every year he comes with Quran interpretation in a scholarly way. This year once again he has designed a series to cover Quran tafseer from Surah Zukhruf chapter 43. Here is the promo of Ramadan with Zidane 2021.

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Pyaray Nabi ki Payari Batein: GEO TEZ


Enjoy this video and stay tuned for more videos.

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