" /> Who is Muhammadﷺ - Zidane Hamid in Dar e Arqam School

Who is Muhammadﷺ


Who is Muhammadﷺ .Many people have lived on this earth and left their impact. This earth has seen many philosophers, poets, engineers, doctors, businessmen, warriors, Kings, Queens, thrones, and leaders. All of them left their impact but their impact has somewhat blurred in the history. If one part of their life is clear then other parts are completely in dark and we do not know about that. But earth has seen a person who every trait is still fresh like a flower even after 1400 years ago. Every quality is still beaming with the same spark. Who is that personality?

He is none other than Muhammad PBUH. Whose all qualities and all the life is an open book to follow. He had such an exemplary character that he is matchless till the doom’s day. Today the world needs to know more than any time in the history that Who is Muhammad PBUH? So lets listen the speech of Little Professor Zidane Hamid in Dar e Arqam School and know who is Muhammad PBUH?