" /> Jirga ~ Zidane Hamid with Saleem Safi GEO NEWS ~ 3rd Time

Jirga with Saleem Safi – Geo News – 18 June 2018


Zidane Hamid in Jirga GEO NEWS. Its third time appearing in Jirga , at 8 years age.



It was a detailed discussion on different topics ranging from Classical Arabic to religions to world politics to world leaders to Pakistan to pakistani leaders to Books to personalities to hobbies to the burning issues.

Watch the video of this detailed and very informative interview of Little Professor Zidane Hamid with Saleem Safi. It was third time when he was invited as guest in Jirga. First Time in 2016 when he was 6, then 2017 when he was 7 and this year 2018 when he was 8.

You can watch these interviews on his youtube channel as well or you can click on the media tab of website to watch them.

Watch the video and give your feedback about this detailed interview. It was on air on the occasion of Eid ul Fitr 2018.