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Eagle Story – Chief Guest at DAS – Rawalpindi Arts Council


Eagle Story – Chief Guest at DAS – Annual Prize distribution Ceremony – 07 April 2018 – Rawalpindi Arts Council.

Why this bird is so speacial? It is a unique and special kind of bird. It always flies high in the sky and never builds nest rather it builds vision in this time. It never surrenders in front of kings and never afraid of challenges always welcomes challenges. It never eats dead and zealously lives the life. Allama Iqbal uses this term because of its unique characters. Allama Iqbal said: Shaheeh kbhi parwaz se thak kr nahi girta

Pur dam hai agr tu tw nahi khatra e uftaad

Jhapatna palatna palat kr jhapatna

lahuu garm rakhny ka hai bahana

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