" /> The Banna Show with Youngest Broadcast Radio presenter RJ Banna (Hassan Hamid)

The Banna Show with Youngest Broadcast Radio presenter RJ Banna (Hassan Hamid)


The Banna Show with Guinness World Record Holder Youngest Broadcast Radio Presenter of world RJ Banna (Hassan Hamid)

“This is your show, this is my show, this is everybody’s show,  the Banna Show”. A cute and energetic voice will welcome you with this sentence if you tune in to Radio Voice of Kashmir FM 105.8 on Saturday and Sunday evening 6-7. The Banna Show, hosted by World’s Youngest Radio Presenter Hassan Al Banna Hamid (RJ Banna) who is mere 4 years old, holds Guinness World record as The Youngest Broadcast Radio Presenter. He is full of zeal and zest to educate and entertain listeners in his enchanting style.

The medium of language of show is English and it is streamed live. In this a variety of topics are covered with quality knowledge. During all the segments RJ Banna never lets his audience to get bore and keeps them enthralls with his confidence. People belonging to different fields appear in his show and its full of information and fun.

RJ Banna who is just 4 years old, a home-schooled kid, is Youngest Radio Presenter, Professional Boxer  and learning cricket too. He is fond of reading books and drawing. He also hosts another show “The Little Big Show” with Little Professor Zidane Hamid (Youngest Microsoft Office Specialist) on his web channel.

Show is getting more exciting and hit with each new episode. Live transmission can be joined on vokfm.com.pk.